When people think of Africa, they think about incredible wildlife, the Savannah or dusty villages. 
But the reality is that Africa is the fastest urbanizing continent in the world.  

My family and I moved to Cape Town, South Africa, 8 years ago and we have been serving across the country in the area of church planting.  We have the passion and heart to see healthy life-giving churches planted across South Africa and specifically in Cape Town.  

It was about 3 years ago when God began to stir in our hearts a need to plant a church.  During this time, AGWM Africa was launching a new initiative called Urban Tribes.  With Africa urbanizing at a rapid rate, we realized the need for AGWM Africa missionaries to be strategically placed in growing city centers to effectively reach the influencers and those that are shaping the culture of today to impact the city’s future. 

The population of the greater Cape Town city is 4.5 million people. 

It is affectionately known, across the continent of Africa, as the Mother City.  With this being said, we feel Cape Town, is one of the most influential cities across the continent. 

Cape Town is a multicultural city and has become the melting pot for all the diverse ethnicities that make up South Africa.  

Our heart is to have a church that reflects this diversity.

As a movement, we feel there are Seven Spheres of Cultural Influence we will be concentrating on. These are: the arts, religion, business, government, media, family, and education. From these people and places of influence, our heart is to bring spiritual transformation to Cape Town. We believe the hope for this community is the church. 

It is our passion to plant a life-giving, high-impact church within this great city.
We don’t want to be a church that exists in the city.  We want to be a church that exists for the city.  

 We see an emerging tribe amongst the diverse people that are coming together. 

These groups of people are no longer based on ethnolinguistic groups, but are based on the commonalities of who they are as people.  We want to be a church that can reach all different spheres of people in this new Urban Tribe.  

This God-sized vision cannot be done without your partnership to impact the city of Cape Town and the nation of South Africa. 

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